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Over the years at Choose Canada Immigration Services we have helped many good and special people from around the world to come to Canada. Our services are directed to accomplish the needs of many who want settlement, work, visit or study in Canada and you may be the next person, family or business to hire our office. 

We have fine expertise in the Canadian immigration field to make any application on your behalf to get Permanent Residence or to exercise your talents and skills to open or transfer your business here, or just simply visit, work, and study in Canada.

Permanent Residence Application

To obtain a Canadian Immigrant Visa you should first check on  your Work experience, Education, Language skills, Age, Adaptability in Canada, write back to our office and we will do further research for you in finding the proper category under  which you can immigrate to Canada.

If you want to Live and Work in Canada, you will have to qualify under at least one of these categories. Once you become a Canadian Permanent Resident you need to get a valid permanent resident card and renew it when expires


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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

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